Zen For Your Heart – Whatever Pisses You Off!

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What is Zen for Your Heart and What Really Pisses You Off?

This may be a tough one to take but we all have bad moments, myself included.

Having a healthy heart is not about perfection or being nice all the time. Sometimes it’s good to get passionate. Whether that passion comes through in love or intense frustration, it doesn’t matter. Whether one is better than the other is a judgment that is not necessarily true or productive.

The Healthy Heart Academy is all about balance.

Being spiritual or living a spiritual life does not mean being happy all the time, staying positive or holding back how you really feel. We all have bad days – The only question is:

Can You Laugh at Yourself Afterwards…..

Zen and the Art of Heart Maintenance

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Zen and the Art of Heart Maintenance: When was your last heart MOT?

A car is a machine, powered by an engine. It needs regular maintenance for optimum performance. Your heart is your engine. What are you doing to make sure that it’s working properly?

In the UK 1 person dies every 6 minutes of heart disease. Worldwide, 1 person dies at least every 4.5 seconds. Heart disease is the biggest killer on the planet. This is because, unlike car MOTs; heart MOTs are not yet mandatory.

What is a heart MOT?

A test of your heart’s happiness in certain key areas: Your relationships with your friends, your family and yourself. You can do this yourself or may find it easier with someone helping you.

How can I do that?

Through taking time to realise what makes your heart happy, understanding what doesn’t and changing it so that it does. A regular heart MOT is essential for your heart maintenance and can improve your health, your relationships and your life. It can help to free up thoughts that don’t make you feel good and replace them with ones that do.

It’s not just what you think….

Thinking is a sensation of your brain. Feeling is a sensation from your heart.

Your heart has a separate intelligence from your brain. It beats independently of your brain, it sends more signals to your brain than your brain sends back and it is your engine. When you think about your feelings it is easy to get caught in over-analysis.

Negative emotions do not exist.

There is a perception amongst many that you experience both positive and negative emotions. This is a lie. Every emotion that you experience is a moment-to-moment guidance system of how you feel during any given interaction. Having the ability to feel emotions like sadness, anger and hurt is part of Being Human.

If you like a certain moment, enjoy it and repeat it. Just remembering a moment that made you feel good can make you feel good again. Doing this is very good for your heart

An exercise to help add some zen to your heart.

Start by asking what you would like to attract more of in your life right now? Whether you are looking for more love, happiness, freedom, wealth or fun, maybe it’s something completely different, that’s ok. It’s all right to create an image of you having it in the future if you can’t think of a strong enough memory. Whatever would make you feel better quickly; think about it now.

As you think about that memory, recreate the feeling. Stop and do this now.

Thinking of things that make you feel better more often is the fast-track to a healthy heart MOT. The longer that you focus on what you want, the more likely you are of getting it.

Having a healthy heart is about being able to navigate a way to feeling better from even the most challenging of places. The more you practice, the better you get.

Wishing you well on your heart MOT,


P.s Knowing exactly what you want and why you want it is the first step to getting it.

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